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What are some famous Chennai wedding photographers and videographers ?

Chennai had several renowned wedding photographers and videographers who were known for their talent and expertise in capturing beautiful moments and creating memorable wedding films. Here are some famous Chennai wedding photographers and videographers:

Studio A:

Studio A is a well-known wedding photography and cinematography studio with a team of skilled professionals. They are known for their artistic and creative approach to wedding photography.

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Zero Gravity Photography:

Zero Gravity Photography specializes in candid wedding photography, capturing genuine emotions and candid moments throughout the wedding celebrations.

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Focuz Studios:

Focuz Studios is known for its high-quality photography and videography services, offering a blend of traditional and candid styles.

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Varun Suresh Photography:

Varun Suresh is a talented photographer who excels in capturing the essence of weddings through his lens, creating visually stunning images.

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Pooja Joseph Photography:

Pooja Joseph is a prominent wedding photographer known for her vibrant and heartfelt wedding photographs.

Mystic Studios:

Mystic Studios is a popular choice for capturing traditional South Indian weddings with a contemporary and artistic approach.

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Ashok Arsh Photography:

Ashok Arsh is known for his expertise in candid photography, portraying emotions and stories through his images.

Rakesh Prakash Photography:

Rakesh Prakash is a renowned wedding photographer with a passion for capturing candid moments and emotions.

The Memory Writers:

The Memory Writers offer professional wedding photography and videography services, focusing on documenting every detail of the special day.

Shivakrishna Photography:

Shivakrishna Photography specializes in creating cinematic wedding films that encapsulate the love and joy of the couple’s journey.

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